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Frequently Asked Questions


The MyCabin product is fully finished in the factory in Illinois and placed on a truck for shipment to nearly all 50 states. MyCabin is also ready to work with customers in Canada to plan a shipment to their property.

Yes, they are absolutely meant to be lived in all year round. The US MyCabin units arrive ready with extreme insulation levels of R38 walls and floors and R49 ceilings by using closed cell spray foam insulation. There will be minimal amounts of heat needed, even in cold weather locations.

We offer a few different options for heating and cooling systems, but we are focused on using the Ephoca (compressor-less) unit.

Yes, it is possible to choose other colors and finishes provided that we can source the requested specs.

Yes, the houses are installed with sewage, water supply, and electrical supply connections.

All you have to do is hook them up when we arrive.

There are multiple things you could do, all of it depends on the property in question and what your contractor may suggest. Our team will consult you and, if necessary, will help resolve the problem. Depending on the scope, there could be additional costs for this.

You can get all the information on the base unit prices on our website. All non-standard customizations are coordinated individually.

Yes, the houses can be moved after installation.

We offer access to a mortgage provider that understands our product and the options our customers have. For questions regarding financing, please feel free to contact our preferred lender, Great Lakes Home Mortgage. You should also be able to work with your own bank as this is modular construction built to US code.

The cost of shipping is not included. We will coordinate shipping with our preferred logistics partner and they will contact you for direct billing. You also have the option of choosing your own shipping provider as long as they have the right trucks for our units.

MyCabin houses are equipped with a fresh air supply system (ERV) and turn and tilt doors and windows for air flow.

The construction time of the cabins are typically 2-3 months depending on the model and configuration, after you receive your approved building permit and your 50% invoice has been paid. The delivery and installation time of the building must be taken into account. It depends on the season and the amount of orders, which we coordinate with each customer when concluding an individual contract.

No, this needs to be coordinated and purchased separately. You will likely want to work with your contractor on this.

Unfortunately, we cannot. Foundation, utility work, and installation of the units on your land needs to be handled by your licensed contractor. We build, finish, and ship the completed units only.

Our standard design is a concrete pier system. If that will not work for your property or you would like to explore something else, we can work on that with our engineering partner at an additional cost.

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