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Endless Possibilities: Office, Guest House, or a House for Your Next Project

Kalmus is a wonderful addition to any larger residential property, and can be customized to meet your specific needs, whether you’re looking for a guest house, a workspace, or any other purpose that suits your preferences. The house also features a loft area, which can provide additional sleeping space, or serve as a storage area.

With Kalmus, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to create the perfect addition to your existing residential property, tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences.

The Kalmus includes:

  • An engineered stamped and complete permitting package for your property address with full 3rd party QC verification of our unit construction

  • A completely finished unit with all plumbing, electrical, and nearly all appliances installed. Interior and exterior lighting included as well.

  • Full guidelines and advisement for the site prep and installation

It is also possible to discuss non-standard finishes: the exterior cladding stain color, the color of cabinetry, and choices on the flooring and wall paneling finishes. Contact us for more details.

Price starting from

  • Thermory Clear Pine, black color seal;
  • Full waterproof layer;
  • ​Wall, floor, and roof insulation: R38, R38, R49 (closed cell spray foam).


  • Nickel gap Pine with whitewash finish;
  • Custom made European frameless cabinetry.


  • ​High-end luxury vinyl plank.
*subject to change, materials currently being adjusted to US specifications

Simplifying your journey to home ownership

Choose your cabins

Determine if you want the full set or maybe just the Milla or Kalmus.

Ensure you’re ready

Purchase your property or outline the space on your current property for the unit(s) and choose a general contractor for your site work. We will work with you and your GC to align on project details and prep.

*Reference to the section “does your site qualify”

Sales agreement and deposit

You’ll receive the final design with a summary of the specifications, the estimated price with tax and shipping, and the full sales agreement for signing. Sign the sales agreement and pay a $4,000 (50% refundable) deposit to receive your site specific plans for permitting.

Apply for legal permits

If your municipality requires them, this is the time to get those permits in order. We will assist by providing all needed design documents and consult with you and your local contractor.

We start building your cabins

Once permits and 50% down payment is received, construction begins of your MyCabin unit in our factory 

Groundwork and foundation

Once your permits are in order, the foundation and site prep work can begin with your contractor.

Delivery and set-up

Your cabin is delivered on a truck and placed on the prepared foundation by crane, all in one day. Installation is handled by your contractor on your land.

Enjoy your new place!

Your new cabin is move-in ready. It’s really that fast and easy!

Standard features:
Exterior: cladding, roofing, lighting
Interior: paneling, flooring, lighting
Completed electrical and plumbing

Option to upgrade for additional cost:
Electrical outlet with USB port
Dual zone mini spli
Heated flooring
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